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Can drinking the right water make a difference to your body? Yes, it can and it did for me!

Posted on March 13, 2018 at 8:25 PM

Lets talk more about the WATER filtration system that we exclusively use @Vitality365 wellness retreat.  For me, this gold seal approved, Nikken Waterfall is the best water in the world!  We drink it, cook with it, bathe & shower with it and take it with us everywhere we go.

I would like to share my Vitality water story with you.  March 2004 I purchased my first water filter, the Nikken AquaPour.  The Pi Mag water tasted so light and sweet that I wanted drink more.  A few months later I realized that I had substantionaly reduced my medication for joint pain and acid reflux.  Wow, I was delighted.  Can drinking the right water make such a difference for my body?  Yes it can, and it did!

When my Guests arrive @Vitality365 wellness retreat, the first gift they get from me is a tall glass of my favourite water.  There is so much science behind this water that i have attached a link for you, so you can truly understand why I am so excited.   Please take a few minutes to learn more how this water will benefit you and your Family." target="_blank">http://                           

As well, for the month of March this system is on Sale. Nikken has reduced this water filtration unit by $120.00.  You, too, can hydrate and vitalize your body with this amazing WATER for just pennies a day.

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