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Mary Robson -  - Wellness Advisor - My Background My Story

Why choose me as your Wellness Advisor?  
My road to Wellness started in my 20's. I was very fortunate to have Dr. Roger Rogers as my Family Physician. Dr. Rogers with Dr. Gunn created the integrative cancer treatment centre, now called "Inspire Health" to treat my Hypoglycemia. Dr. Rogers suggested two options" 1.10 point program focusing on healthy on healthy body, mind, spirit and family. "or" 2. I could take medication for the rest of my life. The first option included dietary changes, exercise, baths, massage, relaxation techniques, prayer, assertiveness and stress management. At that time my choice was to take option #2. It sounded a lot simpler. But, option two was going to be hard on my body and my relationship with Dr. Rogers. So as a good patient, even though I was not convinced however, I chose to trust Dr. Rogers and take the road to wellness. I am happy to say that in less than three years all of my symptoms were gone and I have not had any problems with hypoglycemia to this day. My first "aha" moment came a year later, when I had my annual blood test. This stuff really works! So, I wanted to learn more. I started to study whole food nutrition, relaxation, prayer, meditation, and energy medicine. In the 1080's, I was very fortunate to study "Stress Management" at the Columbia Center in Vancouver, B.C. I developed a Stress Management Seminar for the Crown Corporation which I taught around the Providence in 25 centers. In my work in Employees and Family Assistance Programs, I was able to assist my clients to improve their health and in the mid 1990's, I developed a Wellness Program called "Living Well". Living Well focused on the "Six Pillars of Health". Healthy Body, Mind, Spirit, Family, Society and Finances. I am very happy to report that the program was a huge success and it changed the livers of many employees.
In 2004, I was very fortunate to learn about a wellness company called "Nikken" from Japan. Nikken has similar wellness goals for the world. Nikken's vision is "Every home a Wellness Home, around the globe". I was quite impressed with my Nikken product experience, soon after I purchased all of the Nikken Wellness Technologies for my home.  My bedrooms now have the Magnetic Sleep System that includes a magnetic and far infrared comforter and magnetic pillows; in my kitchen the Nikken Water System includes a filter, alkaline water and an optimizer for fresh oxygenate into the alkaline water. The Nikken Air Filtration System in several rooms in my home, cleans all of the impurities in the air and adds negative ions for total relaxation. As well, I often use Nikken's CM Cream for muscle aches and pains, sunburns and insect bites. From time to time I think how fortunate it was for me and my friends that I had Dr. Rogers as my wellness teacher. He started me on the path to wellness and I want to pass all of my knowledge to others by showing you how to easliy create a nutritious breakfast and a complete wellness environment for your own home where all of your family and friends can relax, refresh, recharge and rejuvenate in your own home.  
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In the 22 years I travelled throughout British Columbia from Vancouver to 25 different cities. My job was Employee Relations Officer for the Crown Corporation. I was passionate about my job, my clients in all of the cities I visited each week. Traveling around the Province on a few days notice was very expensive and I worked hard in order to maximize my time and to see as many clients as possible. Working and traveling on the road is much harder than most people realize who do not travel often. First, there is the loss of your connection to your home. Then there is the uncertainty of travel due to uncontrollable circumstances such as weather, mechanical problems with your car, flight schedules, especially in the Northern and Eastern part of British Columbia. Some of the difficulties travelling that we all experience are missing our family and friends so very much, our comfortable bed, healthy home cooked meals just to name a few. I always felt very tired when I got home because the typical hotel beds, mattresses and pillows were seldom comfortable. Sometimes it took days for me to catch up on my sleep or to get over the allergies from my environment while travelling. Often the cleaning chemicals and fire retardants that were regularly used in the hotel rooms caused me to feel ill. During my 22 years of travelling I was always imagining and redesigning the rooms I stayed in to be a healthier experience. In my imagination I would put fresh flowers or fresh greens in my room; there was always well ironed 100% cotton sheets to slide into; comfortable mattresses, without squeaky springs or lumps; real art from local artists; luxurious robes and towels; a small guest pantry so I could make a cup tea, coffee or hot chocolate in my room; a library of books and magazines to read. There was always a window to open for fresh air, the water was filtered and tasty, so I could stay hydrated and healthy; natural cleaning products that left my room fresh and relaxing. I wanted to stay healthy and focused on my clients. So, in my imagination, I created a gourmet breakfast menus that appealed to all the senses with beautiful china and a silver service. 
In my imagination, I would create a special website where all people could go, especially Business Travellers to find and buy healthy products that would better their lives in a vital way. Wellness products to heal the body and relax the mind. I imagined a website where I could post videos where you could see how I easily create organic food prepared with love to fit everyone's dietary preferences or constraints. I imagined a website where all of my friends could find out how to find products that could help them truly relax, have a deep sound sleep, drink pure water, breather clean air inside their homes, and eat seasonal food from their gardens. 
I want all of my friends to enjoy the information I have provided here so they can wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Most of all, I want everyone to feel good when they get home from travelling in a healthy way implementing these ideas and products. 
My Motto is "Live Well and Travel Well".